Anthiem Ventures is composed of experienced entrepreneurs who work closely with our portfolio. Not only do we offer advice, but the companies we support gain access to a wide array of services. Specifically:



The partners at Anthiem Ventures have worked together for several years in identifying, financing and assisting seed and early-stage technology companies. We bring a history of investment success, a global network of co-investors, capital and follow up funding capabilities to all of our portfolio companies.


An in-house team of experts

We invested extensive effort, time and money to identify market experts in ideation, execution and best practices. When you join the Anthiem portfolio, you can utilize our operations team to help accelerate the growth in your start-up, including accounting and finance, business development, legal strategy, market research, product development, public relations, recruiting, sales and marketing, and software engineering.


Help in recruiting for the company

Need to have dedicated resources within your company to grow? We assist in sourcing, recruiting and hiring the talent. We even have relationships with professors at leading universities to scout new, emerging talent for interns or employees.


The “best of” in service providers

We have a network of tested service providers that start-ups typically rely on to launch, from branding firms to development services. Our providers are above standards, reliable, responsive and offer discounted services to the Anthiem Ventures portfolio.


Entrepreneur and mentorship community

Anthiem encourages our founders and CEOs to cultivate relationships and lean on each other for guidance and insight.