About Us

Anthiem Ventures is an angel investment firm that helps early stage companies by providing not just funds, but guidance and help in their deployment of disruptive business models in their market.

We provide our own exclusive software platform and an in-depth operations team that can help you start building your product or service.

With Anthiem, you will receive:


Acceleration services

Usually uncommon in early-stage investing, Anthiem offers not only advice, but hands-on support through an in-house team of experts in business development, marketing, accounting and management.


Reserved capital as you grow

As the companies in our portfolio grow, we have the financial resources to provide follow-on support.


Receptive partners

Our mission is to invest in areas that will boom in less than five years. To identify these opportunities, the partners of Anthiem are constantly listening to and meeting with entrepreneurs. We are always here to hear your thoughts, as well as give feedback.